Transportation infrastructure is the link that brings together all the components that make a strong economy work – workforce, suppliers, educational opportunities and so much more.

Time is money, and better roads save time. Improved transportation infrastructure means time to market is reduced. Logistical costs go down. Fuel costs go down. Delivery costs go down. All of these factors will improve the performance and competitiveness of Arizona-based businesses, enabling them to grow and create more jobs. Efficiency gains in transportation lower costs across the economy. Better infrastructure enhances the competitiveness of all industries and the economy as a whole. Advanced and modern infrastructure impacts firms’ decisions when considering locations for investment and growth.

Why transportation is important to Arizona’s economy and communities

Learn what business and industry leaders have to say

  • Glenn Hamer, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & IndustryIndustry


“Transportation matters to Arizona’s communities and economy. Investing in transportation infrastructure will help us stay ahead of the global competition. It will create jobs and contribute billions to Arizona’s economy. I urge our elected officials at every level to make transportation infrastructure a priority.”

  • Rick Murray, Arizona Small Business Association


“Arizona’s small businesses are the state’s job creating engine. These employers rely on a dependable and efficient transportation system to get their products to market. Investing in transportation is a statewide effort that strongly affects all businesses in our state, both large and small.”

  • Steve Macias, Arizona Manufacturers Council


“As a small manufacturer, an efficient transportation system is essential to move my products. We need a long-term solution to our roads and highway systems in order to keep our country and our state moving forward.”

  • Debbie Johnson, Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association


“Transportation infrastructure is a critical component of Arizona’s ability to attract and satisfy the nearly 40 million visitors per year who travel to our state. Without consistent and continued investment that supports convenient, reliable and maintained transportation infrastructure, Arizona risks falling behind our competitors who offer public transportation, walkable downtowns, clean rest areas and ease of mobility throughout their destinations. Arizona’s tourism industry works hard to attract these visitors, who pump almost $3 billion per year into our tax revenues and who support approximately 200,000 statewide jobs. Once they’re here, it’s imperative that they have a positive experience that motivates them to return.”

  • Linda Gorman, AAA Arizona


“The United States currently ranks 19th in infrastructure compared to other developed countries, which hinders the nation’s ability to compete globally and efficiently deliver goods to market. The nation’s economic stability depends on a modern transportation system and we support the reforms and program consolidations made in MAP-21 and urges Congress to build upon those successes. This includes the enactment of a multiyear surface transportation bill that will enhance the nation’s global competitiveness, and ensure that all citizens have safe and reliable transportation options.”

  • Bruce MacRae, United Postal Service


“Unless we start to invest in transportation infrastructure, there will come a time when huge snarls of traffic choke our nation’s economy. We need a long term investment and improvement plan that will allow us to connect Arizona businesses to the global marketplace. It’s time to make some tough choices, invest in the future and get to work on infrastructure.”

  • Doug Yonko, Hensley Beverage Company


“Transportation investment in Arizona is a critical issue for all industries. We all depend upon our roads and highways for the services and conveniences that come to us on a daily basis. Now is the time to invest. Let’s focus on transportation so that we can help move people and goods quickly and safely.”

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