Casa Grande: Heart of the Sun Corridor

This week Accelerate Arizona hosted a Transportation Town Hall in Pinal County, one of the fastest growing parts of the state. Members of the legislature, local and county officials and business leaders all joined the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Casa Grande council chambers on Thursday for a wide–ranging discussion of the region’s transportation needs. Participants agreed that more expansive infrastructure is necessary to support Pinal County’s growth and foster sustainable economic development in the area.

Jackob Andersen of Pinal Land Holdings highlighted how Pinal County’s strategic position near rail lines and major interstates make it an ideal hub of trade not only with neighboring states, but also with international markets. Certain transportation improvements are needed to fully realize this potential. For example, more roads are needed to connect Highway 87 to Interstate 10. PhoenixMart trade center, which is expected to contribute significantly to the economic base, will put new pressure on existing roadways as it brings more jobs and customers into the area.

Lawmakers underscored the importance of having strong support from their constituents for any new revenue to fund expansion of highways, roads and interchanges. The Casa Grande Dispatch published a substantial article, documenting the discussions that took place at yesterday’s Transportation Town Hall.


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